List Of Representatives

  • HYDROFLOW Inc (U.K, USA) and Faudi (Germany)- Manufacturers of various coolant filtration systems , tramp oil separators , central and local filtration systems etc.
  • ARBOGA DARENTH GROUP (Sweden / U.K / France) - Manufacturers of various swarf handling and coolant management systems, ultra filtration systems , chip conveyors , vacuum conveying systems .
  • Erdwich(Germany) manufacturer of shredders for chips and different wastes.
  • New Holland( USA) manufacturer of dryers and chip wringers.
  • L.L.C(U.S Belgium ) Manufacturer of filter aids such as cellulose Purifiber (TM) powders for precoat filtration that replaces the active ground in diatomic filtering systems and enables filtration levels down to 1 micron.
  • Wanner Int(USA) Manufacturer of Hi-Pressure and low pressure pumps.
  • THERMAL EXCHANGE (U.K) - Manufacturer of chillers for coolant , plastic molding dies , medicine lasers , process chillers , etc .
  • Kaselco (USA) Manufacturer of electro coagulation systems to clean and recycle industrial waste water.
  • A.C.S. (U.K)- Manufacturer of air filtration systems such as electrostatic air cleaners