A.M. Industrial Technologies ITL

A.M. Industrial Technologies ITL

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One of our old projects using Hydra-Cell Q155

One of my old projects – a high pressure pump in a natural gas treatment system bar 40 l/d 450 with pressure MEA injection Hydra-Cell Q155 pump. Interested in our work ? Have questions ? Contact Us and we will assist you.

Comprehensive Solutions

Swarf Handling Systems are an integration of Skid Mounted Modules to create an efficient solution to meet customers specs. Systems are Tailor Made solutions. Many times, swarf handling skids are integrated with central chips transportation (In floor / Above Head Suction) Systems and create a Full Comprehensive Solution. Generally , depend on the application, solutions integrate modules such as: Our success is based on knowledge […]

Skip Hoist

Skip Hoist

Skip Hoists Modules are used to lift and turn over chips carts used to collect chips on the machine tools and empty them into the Crushing/Wringing system depend on the applications. The idea is to bring full carts to the unit, open the safety door, insert them into the place, close the door and push […]

Coolant Reclamation & Size Reduction

Coolant Reclamation & size reduction

There are a few solutions to reduce size of chips and reclaim coolants: Sizes depend on the volume to be treated per hour. systems vary from 20 – 2000 kg/h. Automatic Swarf Centrifuge Briquetting systems Our success is based on knowledge and tight collaboration with our partners.

Conveying Systems

Handling Chips Conveyor

Infloor Handlling Chips Conveyors Pneumatic Chips Suction Systems Hinge and scrapper conveyors Magnetic Conveyors

Chips Handling

Chips Management

Machine Tools produce Parts and Swarf. Swarf can be long bushy chips after turning and drilling, short after milling and fine after grinding, honing and lapping. Most of processes are carried out with Coolants (emulsions, oils,other). Chips Drags out around 30% of yearly coolant costs. Coolants and swarf if not treated become an Expensive Waste. […]

Various Pumps and Equipment

משאבות לחץ גבוהה - Hi Pressure Pumps

Various Chillers & Heat Exchangers​ Vacuum Cleaning Systems​ Mist and air/dust filtration Progressive cavity pumps We recommend Hydra-Cell Seal-less Pumps – For machine-tool, chemical and other industries. Multi-purpose high pressure pumps for injecting, dosing, metering, spraying, transferring and other applications. Capable of working with various liquids – non-lubricants, abrasives, corrosives, viscous, these pumps could be […]

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