A.M. Industrial Technologies ITL

A.M. Industrial Technologies ITL

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 High pressure through tools coolants its a technology which improve:

  • Machining & Grinding at close tolerances.
  • Surface finishing
  • Chips extraction especially on deep hole drilling.
  • Process reduce energy consumption as chips removal is improved.
  • Production time: The cycle time is shorten at least by 30%
  • Tools life: Tools life are prelonged within 30% and more.
  • Machines maintenance: As HP cooling need preliminary filtration, we tailor & combine our filtration modules with the Hi pressure pumps in order to achive the best results.


Hi Pressure Pumps (Industrial)


An innovative hi pressure and auto back wash system for machine tools – emulsion and oil.


Hi Pressure Pumps (Industrial)

Hi Flow Combi system

The systems been totally engineered and manufactured by ITL as an outcome of continuous R&D ,“out of the box” thinking based on years of experience industrial Filtration.

The result is a modular skid mounted system embedding various technologies and coolant tanks to fit customers’ needs.

Machine Tools Filtration

Hi Pressure Pumps (Industrial)

High Pressure Systems

Systems shown are designed and manufactured by ITL.

The systems Modularity is an outcome of years of experience and R&D in Filtration and HP applications.

High Pressure Systems

Hi Pressure Pumps (Industrial)
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