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A.M. Industrial Technologies ITL

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High Pressure Systems & Pumps (Gen.2) – Information & Specs

A.M.ITL Industrial Technologies Ltd. is a manufacturer of filtration systems for coolants industrial and chip recycling and handling systems. Our products are configured as a local and/or central solution according to the customer’s needs. In this framework, we plan, produce and provide solutions for the world of machining (engraving, milling),

Simple solution for tetrahydrofuran handling

Tetrahydrofuran handling – A simple solution

If you don’t know what tetrahydrofuran is, then you probably don’t need to know. However, if you need to pump it, may we suggest the G20 from Wanner International Ltd. This pump shown below being prepared for shipment, was supplied to a leading London University who wanted to pump this, and

One of our old projects using Hydra-Cell Q155

One of my old projects – a high pressure pump in a natural gas treatment system bar 40 l/d 450 with pressure MEA injection Hydra-Cell Q155 pump. Interested in our work ? Have questions ? Contact Us and we will assist you.

High pressure pumps for removing salt water

High pressure pumps for removing salt water

We love the Wanner T and Q Series diaphragm pumps which are quickly becoming and industry choice for saltwater disposal. The T&Q Series have pressure capabilities up to 5000 PSI, and because of their unique features, they make the perfect choice for low-maintenance saltwater disposal pumps. These pumps are designed

Hydrostatic Mobile Recycling - HMR suitable for Used Grinding Coolant Recycling

Hydrostatic Mobile Recycling – HMR suitable for Used Grinding Coolant Recycling

HMR-Second generation of coolant recycling system. Designed to recycle used emulsion which are contaminated with sludges ( origins from grinding, casting debris ,composite materials..) ,tramp oil and bacteria. Based on the earlier mobile Auto Back Wash Drum filter which was designed for machining applications (turning & milling), the filtration module

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