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Machine Tools produce Parts and Swarf. Swarf can be long bushy chips after turning and drilling, short after milling and fine after grinding, honing and lapping.

Most of processes are carried out with Coolants (emulsions, oils,other). Chips Drags out around 30% of yearly coolant costs. Coolants and swarf if not treated become an Expensive Waste.

Our Solutions give a prompt answer to those issues as we:

  • We know to Handle and Convey Swarf. We offer a wide range of Short/Long distance Conveying Solutions according chips variety.
  • We know how to Reduce and Minimize Chips Volume, Treat and Prepare Chips for Recycling and Reclaim / Recycle Coolants.
  • We reduce Disposals, Recycle and save Environment.
  • We provide cost effective Local or Central solutions depend on customers needs. Systems are Specific or Comprehensive solutions from “A to Z “.
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