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High Pressure Pumps

Hydra Cell™ – high pressure seal-less pumps for chemical and machine tool industry, for pumping, dosing and injection of various liquids: coolants, non-lubricant liquids, aggressive and corrosive chemicals and many others.

Pulse-less flow with accuracy of more than +/- 1% makes them a brilliant solution for metering. Those pumps come in different sizes and flowrates – from 1 Liter per hour up to 40 m3 per hour.

Reliable and easy-to service pumps made in the USA by Wanner Engineering company.

Our company, ITL is an official distributor of Hydra Cell™ pumps in Israel.

Accurately and Reliably Handling Your Process Liquids – Economy through Technology


With the seal-less, packing-less design, Hydra-Cell® pumps safely, accurately and reliably handle many liquids.

Dynamic seals and packing account for approximately 80% of pump servicing and unplanned maintenance, especially when handling non-lubricating, abrasive, corrosive liquids and liquids with micron-sized particles.

Eliminating dynamic seals and packing significantly reduces the cost of ownership.

Hydra-Cell® Principles of Operation



Coolant filtration

Coolant Filtration

Local & central coolant filtration, high pressure trough tool systems, wire cut coolant filtration drilling, milling and more

2-stage nanofiltration system

Reverse osmosis

Hydra Cell high pressure pumps are an excellent solution for reverse osmosis and other water treatment applications.

Pumps have a vide material selection from 316L stainless steel to special alloys like Hastelloy.


Precise dosing of various agents including aggressive, toxic and non-lubricative, in chemical, petrochemical and general industry.

Hydra Cell metering and dosing pumps accuracy is +/- 1% and they follow the API 675 standard demands.

Gas dehydration system

Gas dehydration

Gas dehydration is the process of removing water vapor from a gas stream to lower the temperature at which water will condense from the stream. Hydra Cell pumps are seal-less and hermetic, so can work on injection of aggressive and toxic chemicals.


Seal-less design (the pump has no dynamic seals in contact with the process liquid) means that non-lubricating solvents and liquids containing suspended particles can be pumped reliably at pressure in HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography), ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis and ultra-high pressure reverse osmosis systems.
Hydra-Cell - Seal-less Pump
Wanner - Hydra Cell
Pumps Range - Hi Pressure Pumps Calculator
Hydra-Cell Pumps Range Information (Click On The Image)​ . For more information you can contact us directly.
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