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Nova Rotors – progressive cavity pumps

Nova Rotors

Nova Rotors specializes in the construction of progressive cavity pumps. Its unique features makes it suitable for use in a variety of different industries – oil and gas, water treatment, food (particularly wine and olive oil) and many others.

The main features of this type of pump are:

  • Uniform flow proportional to the speed.
  • Self-priming with a maximum suction lift capacity up to 8 mWC (low NPSHa application), depending on the size, the number of stages and pump speed.
  • Capacity to pump heterogeneous products, containing gases, solid, abrasive and fibrous materials in the liquid matrix.
  • Pumping of liquids with low or high viscosity.
  • Liquid dosing capability.
  • Low pulsation pumping with minimum tensile strain of the product being processed.
  • High pumping pressure (6 bar per stage). Pumps are available with one to eight stages, depending on the required pressure.

The progressive cavity pump is a volumetric, self-priming, rotary positive displacement device. The “conveying” parts consists of two elements, the rotor and the stator. The rotor, typically metallic, is single or multiple screw with a rounded thread, extremely large pitch, considerable length and high eccentricity in relation to the core diameter.

Progressive cavity pumps

The stator, typically elastomeric, is embedded with a cavity in the shape of a 2 or multiple screws, double threaded, compared to the rotor, and with the same eccentricity.

The rotor, rotating within the stator, is forced to perform a hypocycloid roto-translational movement. This coupling of the two elements always creates a line of contact along the profile that guarantees the seal between them. This movement creates an airtight chamber that shifts with a helical movement, from the suction casing to the delivery casing.

The Diamond series features a patented universal pin joint that ensures top performance and unprecedented flexibility of use. The standardization throughout the entire range of products achieved with this joint has resulted in optimal spare parts management as well as simplified and economical maintenance, without sacrificing reliability and long life.

Screw pump due to the small dimensions of the high, allow the pumping of the product without pulsation and keep the fluid unaltered without damage it. Accept the presence of solid parts and can be suitable to pump fluid with viscosity up to 1.000.000 cps.

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