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Factory Automation
Factory processes & layout design | Special purpose automatic machine design | Consultation & Supervising | Mechanical design services | PLC Software programming
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Coolant Filtration
Local & central coolant filtration, hi pressure trough tool systems, wire cut coolant filtration and more.
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Chips Management
ITL has experience and know-how to provide the solution which is the most cost effective just for your company, if it is a matter of single products or complete chip processing systems.
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Complete high-pressure coolant systems
Coolant station suited with high pressure pump, up to 200 bar
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High-Pressure Pumps
With its many years of tradition and innovation, we offer products of the highest quality that are continuously being further developed, also in the sector of high-pressure pumps.
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I.T.L design, manufacture and supply Industrial effluents filtration and recycling systems, swarf (chips/sludge) recycling and handling systems. Our solutions works in the metal (machining, grinding, extrusion…) and process industry (deburring, wash water, preliminary membrane filtration processes). Our systems vary between local to central solutions at a wide range of flow rates and filtration levels.

Our Services

Factory Automation

  • Factory processes and lay-outs designs.
  • Special purpose automatic machine design.
  • Consultation and projects supervising.
  • Mechanical design services on periodically contracts.
  • PLC software programing.

Modular High Pressure trough tool coolant system

  • High pressure coolant systems
  • Coolant station suited with high pressure pump, up to 200 bar
  • Mobile, central and standalone coolant filtration modules and more.​

Chips handling Systems

ITL has experience and know-how to provide the most cost effective solution in order to  recycle coolants and chips.Our solutions line offer local or centralized systems.  we supply shredders ,Crushers, centrifuges and briquetting systems.

Hi Pressure Pumps

Various Industrial Pumps

  • High pressure pumps for machine-tool and chemical industry.
  • Centrifugal pumps with various flowrate and pressure, for coolant oils and emulsion
  • Pumps for food, wine and general industry

Dosing systems

  • High precision dosing systems
  • API 675 dosing pumps
  • Pulse-less flow
  • +/- 1% accuracy
  • Dosing of wide range of chemicals
  • Ex proof certified equipment

Laboratory equipment

  • Test benches
  • Design according to the customer’s demands
  • Various options: tanks, reactors, high pressure pumps, sensors etc.

explosion proof equipment

Pumps for oil, gas and chemical industry, which could be installed in hazardous areas, up to Zone 2

Pumps service and maintanance

ITL has an equipped workshop and trained staff to service pumps we sell, either we always keep spare parts for our equipment on the shelf

Chillers and Heat Exchangers

Various Chillers & heat Exchangers

  • Industrial chillers for machine tools, process applications etc.
  • Coil in tank or stand off units.
  • Direct gas or indirect cooling with cold water.
  • Various sizes and shapes.
  • Heat exchangers.

Vacuum & Suction systems

  • Mobile and local Dry/ Wet suction system for metal chips, sludge,dust ,powders etc.
  • Centralized vacuum conveying systems for various chips extracted directly from the machining centers to the central treatment site.

Air cleaners,Conveyors and hinge belts replacements, Machine Tools Covers, Accessories, spare parts & disposables

  • Mist extractors and air cleaners.
  • Downdraught benches.
  • Various chip conveyors .
  • Hinge belts for chip conveyors.
  • Machine tools covers.
  • Filtration aid such as media rolls and cellulose powders.
  • Spare parts.
Washing & Degreasing Industrial Equipment

Degreasers & Washing Systems

  • Industrial washing machines .
  • Degreasers for oily parts.
As we deal with coolant and swarf management, it’s just obvious we try to add and accomplish our sales program with peripherals in order to offer “one stop shop” solution for the machine tools industry.

We help you make money on recycling coolants & swarf, improve your production and help environment.

Why Choose Us


We sell and distribute peripheral items. Our Agencies: Wanner Engineering, Miksan, Crane, Nova Rotors, Wieland , LNS , 3Nine ,Sarigol, Dolphin Washers, RPS Cooling.


We provide maintenance services to Hi Pressure and Centrifugal Pumps, Air Filtration Systems, Machine tools like Haas & Bridgeport Grinders , LNS ,others.

Design & Engineering

ITL design special Purpose machinery & Factory Automation such as Handling, Production ,Assembling and Inspection systems.


We tailor Filtration Solutions for Machining, grinding , Broaching, EDM and miscellaneous sludge filtration such as deburring and washing processes.

We reduce your direct and indirect coolant costs in order to:

Recycle, maintain and elongate your coolants life.

Improve coolants cleanliness in behalf of your processes. 

Improve your cutting tools/machine/systems life  

Improve your products surface finishing. 

Reduce disposing & Improve your environmental discipline

Reduce water consumption

Improve your production trough puts

Improve your products tolerances

About Our Company

A.M. ITL has been established in the early 1986 as a mechanical engineering company. Our wide experience in the Israeli industry beside a non-conservative open mind, gives us the capability to compete and lead various industrial projects like big companies capability at flexibility of small innovative companies.

News 📰

One of the technical problems moving to continuous processing is product composition control. This is significantly affected by the pumps which drive the reacting fluid through the system. Pumps that are not able to regulate flow rate accurately make control of product composition and the whole process difficult, in a number of ways.

Oil and Gas Technology for Continuous Bio Processing in Pharma

BY PAUL DAVIS, JAI MCINTOSH   18 OCTOBER 2023   09:14 Paul Davis, Managing Director of Wanner International. The move in manufacturing from batch processing to continuous has been reported frequently for decades, and the challenges are well documented, whether that is regulatory, data capture or more technical in terms of, for example,


High Pressure Systems & Pumps (Gen.2) – Information & Specs

A.M.ITL Industrial Technologies Ltd. is a manufacturer of filtration systems for coolants industrial and chip recycling and handling systems. Our products are configured as a local and/or central solution according to the customer’s needs. In this framework, we plan, produce and provide solutions for the world of machining (engraving, milling),

Simple solution for tetrahydrofuran handling

Tetrahydrofuran handling – A simple solution

If you don’t know what tetrahydrofuran is, then you probably don’t need to know. However, if you need to pump it, may we suggest the G20 from Wanner International Ltd. This pump shown below being prepared for shipment, was supplied to a leading London University who wanted to pump this, and

One of our old projects using Hydra-Cell Q155

One of my old projects – a high pressure pump in a natural gas treatment system bar 40 l/d 450 with pressure MEA injection Hydra-Cell Q155 pump. Interested in our work ? Have questions ? Contact Us and we will assist you.

High pressure pumps for removing salt water

High pressure pumps for removing salt water

We love the Wanner T and Q Series diaphragm pumps which are quickly becoming and industry choice for saltwater disposal. The T&Q Series have pressure capabilities up to 5000 PSI, and because of their unique features, they make the perfect choice for low-maintenance saltwater disposal pumps. These pumps are designed


The collaboration between the engineering, maintenance and sales departments assures a high quality after sale service including yearly maintenance contracts.

Our Partners

Wanner - Hydra Cell
Nova Rotors
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