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Chips Management

Making money of chips and meet environmental regulations

Large quantities of metal chips are produced in a high production metal working plant.

By continuous removal of the chips the productivity of the plant can be improved considerably, because the machine tool operator does not waste his time removing the chips he produces as a by-product.

An economical removal system for chips and recovery of cutting fluids does, however, require tailor-made systems.

The chips are collected and conveyed away from the machine tools by means of specially adapted conveyors. Bushy swarf is crushed to short chips. Wet chips are centrifuged \ briquetted and cutting fluids recovered and cleaned. The process should be continuous and requires a minimum of manual work.

The solution for efficient and economical chip handling will vary from company to company, depending on shop layout, chip volume and the properties of the chips.

ITL has experience and know-how to provide the solution which is most Economical just for your company, either it is a matter of single products or complete chip processing systems.

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Coolant Filtration

High pressure coolant systems

Systems shown are designed and manufactured by ITL.

The systems Modularity is an outcome of years of experience and R&D in Filtration and HP applications.

The Hi Pressure pumps:
  • Pumps utilized are the well-known and proven Hydra-Cell pumps.
  • Pressure ranges between 15 – 170 Bar and more.
  • Flow rates between 3 – 210 lpm.
The M1xx@yy T module:
  • 1 off a HP Pump Assay .xx@yy refers to pumps pressure and flow rate.
  • Coolant storage tank. Volume according the pump used.
  • Control panel interfaced to machine tool control.
The M2xx@yy TF-M\F module:
  • 1 off a HP Pump Assay .xx@yy refers to pumps pressure and flow rate.
  • Coolant storage tank. Volume according the pump used.
  • Coolant Filtration module. M for Media type and F for Media Free type.
  • HMI Control panel interfaced to machine tool control.
The Combi Systems:
  • 1 off a HP Pump Assay .xx@yy refers to pumps pressure and flow rate.
  • Coolant storage tank. Volume according the pump used.
  • Coolant Filtration module. xx refers to type of filtration module
M for Media type and F for Media Free type:
  • Integrated Chiller or water cooled heat exchanger.
  • HMI Control panel interfaced to machine tool control.

ITL design & manufacture filtration system for machine tools, process industry including recycling of liquids and solids.

Coolant filtration modules

The systems are totally engineered and manufactured by ITL as an outcome of continuous R&D ,“out of the box” thinking based on years of experience in industrial Filtration.

The results are modular skid mounted system embedding various technologies and coolant tanks to fit customers’ needs.

  • Availability of various Automatic filtration modules (depend on the application).
  • Std. Flow rates vary between, 250 and 500 lpm modules.
  • Std. Filtration level between 5(or better)– 50 micron.
  • Possibility to use different filtration modules at same time 5-10 micron for HP applications and 15 –30 for general service pumps.
  • With or without chip conveying solutions.
  • Optionally on line tramp oil separation and bacterial treatment units.
Coolant tanks and Pumps:
  • 150 –1000 liter full level controlled clean and dirty tanks.
  • Low and Hi pressure pumps.
  • Pressures between 5– 170 bar.
  • Optionally built in 4 -12 Kw standoff Chillers
  • Optionally built in High Efficiency heat exchanger (for the case customers
  • have cold water sources like air condition chillers).
  • Close loop PLC control system with optionally HMI interface.
  • Different voltage, depends on the machine to be served.
  • System been designed to filter various water base coolants, neat oils Or EDM\Wire cut coolants.
  • Stand alone or annexed to improve existing or central systems.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Maintenance free units.
  • Small foot print and Cost effective system.


ITL supply different local or central coolant and air filtration systems, waste and solids recycling systems, water & waste water treatment systems, washing and degreasing machines and factory automation.


Industrial equipment

We design, manufacture and supply

I.T.L design, manufacture and supply Industrial effluents filtration and recycling systems, swarf (chips / sludge) recycling and handling systems.

Our solutions works in the metal (machining, grinding, extrusion …) and process industry (deburring, wash water, preliminary membrane filtration processes …).

Our systems vary between local to central solutions at a wide range of flow rates and filtration levels.

Our New Vaccum Filtration System
The Deep hole driling application on Doosan Puma 5100 .

Why you need us?

We reduce your direct and indirect coolant costs in order to:

  • Recycle, maintain and elongate your coolants life.
  • Improve coolants cleanliness in behalf of your processes.
  • Improve your cutting tools/machine/systems life.
  • Improve your products surface finishing.
  • Improve your products tolerances.
  • Improve your production trough puts.
  • Reduce water consumption.
  • Reduce disposing.
  • Improve your environmental discipline.
  • We hear, listen and provide you the optimal:
  • Filtration
  • Tramp Oil Separation
  • Recycling
  • Engineering and Service


We reduce your direct and indirect costs on swarf handling by:

  • Tramp metal separation
  • Crushing & Wringing
  • Briquetting Effluents & Swarf recycling
  • Less storage needs
  • Less disposals
  • Improve your environment
  • Improve your chips value
  • Improve your benefits

We help you make money on recycling coolants & swarf, improve your production and help environment.

What else we do:

Engineering and out sourcing services. Consultancy and projects supervising.
Design and production of special purpose machinery. Factory Automation.
Technical support and services for our sales department.
Agencies and peripherals sales.

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