A.M. Industrial Technologies ITL

A.M. Industrial Technologies ITL

Hamasger Str. 10/Habanim 1 2629018 Haifa

Coolant Filtration

Coolant Filtration Machine Tools , Offline Central Coolant Recycling System

Machine Tools – Offline Central Coolant Recycling System No More. Our solutions are designed to prevent and help to improve situation. We at ITL seriously considering your coolants treatment in order to save your costs and keep your environment right. Systems are an outcome of years of experience and R&D in Industrial Filtration. Small footprint […]

Coolant filtration modules

Coolant filtration modules

The systems are totally engineered and manufactured by ITL as an outcome of continuous R&D ,“out of the box” thinking based on years of experience in industrial Filtration. The results are modular skid mounted system embedding various technologies and coolant tanks to fit customers’ needs. Filtration: Coolant tanks and Pumps: Cooling: Control: Benefits: ITL supply […]

High pressure coolant systems

Systems shown are designed and manufactured by ITL. Our system’s modularity is an outcome of years of experience and R&D in Filtration and HP applications. The Hi Pressure pumps: The M1xx@yy T module: The M2xx@yy TF-M\F module: The Combi Systems: M for Media type and F for Media Free type: ITL design & manufacture filtration […]

Various Pumps and Equipment

משאבות לחץ גבוהה - Hi Pressure Pumps

Various Chillers & Heat Exchangers​ Vacuum Cleaning Systems​ Mist and air/dust filtration Progressive cavity pumps We recommend Hydra-Cell Seal-less Pumps – For machine-tool, chemical and other industries. Multi-purpose high pressure pumps for injecting, dosing, metering, spraying, transferring and other applications. Capable of working with various liquids – non-lubricants, abrasives, corrosives, viscous, these pumps could be […]

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