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One of our old projects using Hydra-Cell Q155

One of my old projects – a high pressure pump in a natural gas treatment system bar 40 l/d 450 with pressure MEA injection Hydra-Cell Q155 pump. Interested in our work ? Have questions ? Contact Us and we will assist you.

Wire Cut Machines Filtration

Grinding Machines Filtration

As Wire cut /EDM applications need fine filtration we offer various combinations based on HM media hydrostatic filters , centrifuges and cartridge filters as Guardian / Polishers. The cartridge filtration is based on 5 Micron  Auto Back Wash or disposable cartridge elements . As coolants some time are corrosive ,we provide SS 316 units. Hydrostatic […]

Various Pumps and Equipment

משאבות לחץ גבוהה - Hi Pressure Pumps

Various Chillers & Heat Exchangers​ Vacuum Cleaning Systems​ Mist and air/dust filtration Progressive cavity pumps We recommend Hydra-Cell Seal-less Pumps – For machine-tool, chemical and other industries. Multi-purpose high pressure pumps for injecting, dosing, metering, spraying, transferring and other applications. Capable of working with various liquids – non-lubricants, abrasives, corrosives, viscous, these pumps could be […]

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